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Nov 22, 2013
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I found the Rocketry Center today and noticed many of you are members on both forums?

Why does the RC exist, and why do some of you frequent both?
Won't speak for anyone, and certainly won't advertise for another site on this one.

But I do try to join any site I can, wherever the conversation's at. I read old RMR, too :)

If I could find club-specific or regional groups with high activity, I'll join them as well.
Rocketry Center is/was an attempt by disgruntled/banned members of TRF to start a new forum for rocketry, all this occurred during a fairly dramatic series of events a year or so ago. I applaud the effort, they were working to create a more rule relaxed open forum. Yes many of us are members of both forums, myself I rarely visit there anymore and I am not sure how much traffic RC is getting these days.
Its pretty dead , Im a member of both as well as YORF- As I am with the rc boating forums-
Yes , there - one is gas - one is nitro - one is F/E but they are all still RC Race boats in the end- just like rockets are rockets .............
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