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Apr 3, 2004
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I seem to be having trouble getting rocketmotion to respond to either the phone or email. Does anyone have any experience with this company? I had ordered from them a few weeks back with no trouble, but they are not responding to my second order. I just got the initial automated response, a week ago. No signs of life since. Any ideas?
Bump. Anyone? I have called and left a message to cancel my order, but I have no idea if they will actualy do it. For that matter I'm not sure if they even got the first one, given the lack of communication with this company.
Jason, I've never dealt w/this company, but have they charged your credit card for the order?

I just checked the update at the site. They may be attending launches at this time. That very likely is what the problem is. :)
No they haven't charged it. My biggest complaint, is that I placed my order on Thursday the 6th, and have had no contact since. All attempts at phone and email have failed.
I made the mistake of ordering from Rocketmotion and then, at a meeting of the MDARS a few days later, got wind that they were a bit "loose" in their order fulfillment area. I live less than 100 miles away and it took me nearly a month to get my......BOOKS! Not hard to get motors, just reference books. When I could get through to them, I was given a variety of excuses about what happened, and it finally took a freezing of their Paypal account to shake my merchandise loose. I should mention that a certified letter that was sent to them (3 delivery attempts were made, including a sign and return card to claim it) was returned to me undelivered......

Do a search and you'll find that Rocketmotion doesn't have the best reputation on TRF. It seems when you finally do get a response they are always "out of town." Good luck,

On my first order with Rocketmotion, all the reloads were out of stock, but no one else I could find had anything either. It took awhile, and several emails to find out what was up, but they never charged me and were cool about canceling the order when I found out they didn't have what I needed. I have since placed another order with Larry of rocketmotion and his response on all my questions has been outstanding. I will update here when I recieve it, but assuming it shows up as expected, I have been very pleased this round and will definitely give them another try.
I ordered from them one time and it took phone call after phone call and it took about two months to get it but the thing they dont realize is the post office stamps the date on it and it was marked the day before i recived it so I will never deal with them agian I started ordering from Just Rockets and they are on the ball I would highly recomend them and put Rocketmotion out of your mind
Just wanted to post back with an update. I recieved my order from rocketmotion today. Everything was there plus a few extras. The package showed up faster than any parcel post motor order I have made from anywhere, by several days. I couldn't be more pleased with the experience. Maybe these guys have turned a corner. I will definitely be ordering from them again. Just thought I should share... :D
They did finaly write me and appologize. They have offered to discount a future order, but I'm undecided. If I can't trust them to deliver, what's the point?