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Jan 18, 2009
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Has any one delt with this company before? If so how is there service?
Do a search for Rocketmotion and you'll find some not so good news.

Whats wrong with Rocketmotion? I have orderd from them before with good results....:confused:
Not that long.... There was something that went wrong with the ordering, but then it went without a hitch.

Why do you ask?:confused:
I placed an order on the 3/18 and i was just wondering how long it took them to ship
You could email them....

Thats what, a week ago? Give them 2 or 3 more days, then email or call. Its proabably on its way to you now....:)
Join the club.....:rolleyes: :kill:

I havent orderd any, though.:(

Youll get em soon. Dont buy out all thier G35s, though! I wanna buy some too!:kill: ;) :p
I hope they will be here by next weekend cause thw Mrs. and I are going to a 2 day lauch
Cross yer fingers....;) :( They will proabably come. Think good thoughts.:D ;) :p

They really should be getting here.... Try calling them. If they forgot to ship it or something, they will proabably ship it really fast mail to you or something. One time they screwd up on my order, and made a special trip to the post office JUST FOR MY PACKAGE!!! That aint to bad, huh? ;) I got it a few days later thru priority mail.:cool:

another note on Rocketmotion.... I think that every one of thier employees is L1 or L2 certified at the least....:cool: Just an interesting fact.:)
Man I Just called them 3 times and no one anwers you think a buisness would pick up there phone
Try again at 2:15. I think thier lunch break may be at 1:00-2:00. They will proabably have someone there by 2:15 at the latest.

Though you think they would have someone there to cover them during lunch break....:rolleyes: :kill:

Good luck!
Well, in my dealings with them, my order was "sent" several times, and never arrived (Mind you, I live almost exactly 100 miles away, in the same area code in California. The owners, Larry and Anna Frieson, run this as a part time business. I had to do much tracking and chasing to get my merchandise, eventually having Paypal freeze their account, which shook my items loose from them (THEN it was sent, and arrived one day later....) A letter I sent certified prior to Paypal's involvement was returned to me by the post office, delivery being attempted 3 times (Certified mail notice left each time) and the owners of the company felt that it wasn't in their best interest to get their mail.....

Kinda tells you something about a person.

Anyway, I shan't be sending any further business their way.