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Jan 19, 2009
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Placed an order with Rocketmotion via their website on 1/16/04. Got immediate reply about an item on backorder but all my emails over the last two weeks have come back and no one is answering the phone. Anyone know anything?

I was just about to ask the same question as everything you mentioned happened to me too. Also, about a month ago I placed an order, never got anything, was told it went out and that the USPS must have lost it so too bad. Not the right response, if you ask me. Anyway, it turns out they never processed it because nothing was ever charged to my credit card.

So, yes, something ain't right with Rocketmotion.

Well, it's hard to say if you would call it business, but I did get a delivery today. I ordered some books last month, (1/21/04) which was supposed to come UPS ground (overnight, as I'm only about 100 miles away...we even have the same area code, for cryin' out loud! It's been nothing but a hassle. On 1/31/04, after numerous unanswered emails and voicemails (when their voicemail worked) I finally faxed them, which got a response from Anna, claiming that they mailed it once, but it was damaged in inspection and returned (which, according to the USPS, is B.S. They claimed it's up to the recipient to file a claim, if it happened...). I pointed out that according to my invoice, they were supposed to send it UPS, not USPS. She said it would go out again right away, via UPS...

Of course it never came.

Numerous phone calls later, I finally get another response from Anna on 2/6/04, claiming that she hasn't been able to deal with company business all week, due to personal issues, and assures me that it will go out THAT DAY, and she would contact me with the UPS tracking number via phone or email.

Of course, it never came.

I started emailing again on Tuesday (returned with fatal errors), tried calling (voicemail won't take message) and faxing. In the fax, I asked to be called by 5:00 on my cel, or I would need to been given a refund.

Of course, there was no response.

On Wednesday, 2/11/04 I emailed, faxed, and sent by certified mail to their business address a demand for refund. Then, did a little investigating to find out who the owners were. The person listed as the President of the corporation with the state (who I got on the phone at work) claimed that he had a falling out with the other principle, and hadn't even spoken with his ex-partner, or his partner's wife, Anna, in a couple of years.

I left a message at the partner's home number, getting the same voicemail system as the Rocketmotion phone number.

Finally, on 2/12/04, since I paid through Paypal, I filed a complaint through them, asking them to try to obtain a refund from his account. A couple hours later, I noticed a new tab on my Paypal screen, showing where they had frozen funds in Rocketmotion's Paypal account, and that they had sent him a notice stating that they would freeze those funds until he showed that he had refunded the money, or provided proof of delivery. He had 10 days to respond to them satisfactorily, if not, they'd credit my account with the money. So I was satisfied that I would get my money back sooner or later.

Well, freezing the account got a reaction...

Checking my email at work this morning (2/14/04) I get an email from Rocketmotion:

I am sorry I was suppose to send out your package last weekend, but didn't get around till yesterday to do it. Anna had to leave for a few weeks. I will call her and have her refund your money to you. I am sorry I didn't go through email either. So just go ahead and refuse the package.

Of course, since it's only an overnight trip, when I got home, the package was sitting on the front porch. He didn't request a signature, so I had no chance to refuse it. Apparently, hitting them in the wallet is the way to go here, if you can. I also read a couple of negative postings to this effect at the Rocketryonline forum, as well.

This is one vendor who I will not do business with again.

My order finally arrived after a month of waiting but was missing two items. After several emails I finally got a response and the two items are "on there way." I'm not holding my breath. They owe me a little over $13.00 in merchandise but I don't plan to ever see it. I'll chalk it up to experience. Be careful if you plan to do business with Rocketmotion!!!

I'm all for supporting small business and let's face it, most of the vendors in this hobby are small and/or part-time operations. But, that is no excuse for poor customer service. Either you are in business or you are not. I've had one vendor lie to me about a package that "was shipped and must have gotten lost in the mail -- I'll send out another today". I don't do business with that vendor anymore!
I ordered a nosecone from Rocketmotion last month. No response from them at all. I am going to petition Paypal to freeze their payment.

Now I have to turn a nosecone for my L1 this weekend. :(
Rocketmotion is in business, we see them pretty much every month at ROC launches. They, like Discount obbycenter just don't seem to have good business practices besides directly from them. :(

Too bad about your difficulties, i always get good treatment from them.
for businesses and people that do not follow through....

If they just want to sell at launches then they should take down their website (quickly) and do what they are good at...

Otherwise they can expect ALOT of action from from people (like me) who trusted that they would follow through...

I hope others take them to task as well...
Ditto here....

They owe me over a $100.... Made an order that was messed up and I had to return it...

Trying to support a rocketry vendor I've spent the last 3 and a half weeks trying to order other stuff with very lagging responses from them, promises to call me that they didn't follow through with, and failure to have anything in stock.

Finally told them to refund my credit card and they said they would.. well you guessed it they haven't done that yet either.

I'll be calling the credit card company Mon if they don't get my refund complete by today.

Luckily I have copies of everything ..... What a PITA
This is a copy of the one that I sent last week...

I spend most of my time working with last minute - deadline driven customers for my business. So I have VERY little patience for your pattern of non-response to my inquiries.

I - once again - would like to know if my product has shipped.
If not, please process my refund through Paypal. If you can do neither I will be happy to have someone pick this product up at the next ROC launch. If not there then I will arrange to have this picked up at the house of the one of Rocketmotions owners.

I will not chalk up the loss of 1 penny to "experience". I WILL pursue this to resolution. Believe me, I have a limitless amount of patience when it comes to getting my payment returned.
> Matt Costabile

The response I received was the following....

I am one of the owners. I am sorry I have been away for sometime, and I am very sorry that your order was not shipped. I will have your paypal refunded tomorrow. Again I am truly sorry about this.

Anna seems to have developed quite a habit for "being away for some time".... They DID refund the amount. It seems as the only was to get them to resolve these matters is through the 3rd party credit companies. Anna and crew can always not answer the phone or emails from customers....BUT... If they ignore Visa or Paypal then they can forget about ever accepting credit cards again....

If visa/mc doesn't help I bet the Calif. Att. Generals office would. Seems like no shortage of people exist to provide supplementary evidence on the good and bad of Rocketmotions business practices...