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Feb 2, 2003
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Will the R7 fit into a 3inch airframe and how much space will it take up inside the airframe (length)? Thanks!

Also how do you order custom centering rings from BMS? I sent them an email but no reply yet. Thanks!
Also how do you order custom centering rings from BMS? I sent them an email but no reply yet. Thanks!

You need to download the Excel spreadsheet from their website :

They also have a 1 page .pdf file the explains how to fill out the spreadsheet, you can find it at:

When you will out the spreadsheet, you will be given a total cost. E-mail the completed spreadsheet to [email protected] and pay them. I usually pay them with PayPal.

There have been some recent delays ordering from them, but nothing more then a week for me, and the quality is worth it. I generally get a response from them in 2-3 days. I had to use their alternate e-mail address because their ISP apparently blocks e-mails from Germany, but that is not their fault!
Thanks, I will download that tonight. How much space did the R9 take up? As in length that is. I want to msake sure I have enough room for everything in the main deployment bay of my rocket. Thanks again guys!
To get your centering rings you might want to try our own Rocketsonly at They are a group of students raising money for their TRF. I love to see things like this. They also do a great job on their work they are also cheap. So give them a try you will not be disapointed.

Well, I just went and packed the chute small enough to fit (its a squeeze in a 3") and the chute took up just under 10 inches of bay. Thankfully the talon has probably near 20, so it fits fine.:) Just for my own curiosity, what kind of rocket are you building?
2stage high power rocket. 3 inch diameter, upperstage, ~6ft tall. Booster 18in, total ~7.5' tall. 54mm MMT in each stage. Dual deploy. Liftoff for first flight I284 to I284. More info once I get more money to start.