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Discussion in 'Vendor Display' started by Buddy Michaelson, Dec 5, 2018.

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    Buddy Michaelson

    Buddy Michaelson

    Buddy Michaelson

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    Nov 7, 2018
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    Hello rocketeers, thanks to those who’ve been supporting us over the past 25+ years. Rocketman Parachutes has been working extremely hard to continually bring innovative products to the rocketry community. We’re now at 203 recovery products in total and we’re trying to decide what is next for our company.

    We’re in the process of designing different types of Parachutes that have never been seen before, and soon our old Rocketman Kits will be coming back into production again. Along with that we’ll soon be having quick links and eyebolts on our website.

    Is there any type of products that you’d like to see on our website? Such as hardware to webbing to unique Parachutes? Please let us know of any your thoughts that you may have.

    Thank you for the continued support!

    -Buddy Michaelson

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