Rocketman Parachutes Massive Black Friday Sale!!

Buddy Michaelson

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Nov 7, 2018
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Happy Black Friday everyone!! Don’t forget our massive sale going on with 20% off our entire website with Free Shipping in the USA! This includes hundreds of recovery products with all of our parachutes, deployment bags, harnesses and hardware on sale. Our popular rocket kits such as the GoFast Rocket Kit, Showtime Rocket Kit are also 20% off! We cannot thank the rocketry community enough for the support, we are beyond thrilled to be offering rocketeers with the most rugged and strongest products on the market.

This sale is from Wednesday 11/24/2020- Monday 11/29/2020.

The code for our Black Friday sale is: RMBF21 to be entered in the checkout.

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Use code RMBF21 in Checkout