Rocketman chute DBag pack.

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Jun 28, 2016
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Lebanon, PA
I want a second opinion here.

This is the first time I am packing a rocketman chute (16') into a fruity chutes DBag. Normally, when I pack a round chute I flap fold the panels on each side and end up with a nice stack of Z-folded panels to stuff into the DBag with the shroud lines neatly stacked in order. I think I can do that with the rocketman but was wondering if there was a better way to handle this style of chute before insertion into the DBag.
Good to know. I always get paranoid with the shroud lines but I can see how having only 4 lends itself to a simpler setup. This should be ok as long as I fold to get the lines lined up on top of each other.

Others will tell you different, and I'm sure a professional would know how to fold it just right, but I have actually had slower, even one white-knuckle, deployment when I folded chutes inside a d-bag.
I should add ... not a Rocketman, though.

Tom Cohen uses Rocketman chutes in D-bags all the time. Stop by and see him before you launch.

We already talked. Gonna take him up on the offer.

I am going to play around with the packing this weekend and will take a video the packing methodology and post it here.