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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Rockethead Rockets would like to congratulate Andy Tate for winning our weekly contest of a medium Mlyar parachute assortment. The right rocket was the sram we had 27 people get it right.

We would like to also congratulate Will Penfold he is our monthly drawing winner of a Blink family.

We have started Aprils contest this month we are doing a new contest. The new contest is match the rocket to it's data. We are giving away a medium parachute assortment for our weekly drawings and a RHR 2003 for our monthly drawing.

To find out more information on our contest or to play go to
twice for me... Have gotten the right answer too! Just wasn't lucky enough to win the drawing... guess if I keep it up, then the odds may eventually catch up with me, after approximately 30 weeks of entering!