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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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There is only 2 ways to get your hands on these kits that is through Rocketpad on e-bay or through Rockethead Rockets.

We now have 2 kits in stock and will be getting more as they come available. Stan has done allot of work on these kits to make them one of the top kits available.

The first kit is the Mega Dog


The Mega Dog is a up-sclae clone of the discontinued kit the Big Dawg. The orinal kit was 12.8" long, Diameter of 1.33", wiegh 1.6oz and flew on 1 18mm.

The Mega dog is 23" long, diameter of 2.6", diameter 2.6", wiegh 5.4oz and flies on a cluster of 3 18mm motors.

The kit includes some great part as you can see in the flowing picture.


The second kit is a clone of the 1960's Astron Invader.


This kit is a futuristic glide recovery rocket. Again this kit come with great parts as seen in the following picture.


You can find out more information or order one of these great kits at
wow that mega dog looks great especially with the discontinuation of the estes big daddy
It was pointed out to me that there was no links to the rockets on the Rockepad Kits. I have fixed this problem and you should be able to see them now.

Sorry for the inconveice: