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Nov 5, 2002
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We at Rockethead Rockets has not found the time to work on the kits like we would prefer. This brings us to our new way to run business. We are now going to make our Parachutes our main business and the rocket kits second. We will be adding Rip stop parachutes in the spring 2005. By doing this we have decided to add some other manufactures products to our line of products.

We have just got done updating our web site and adding D.M.B. Rocketry Cluster Cables. We are offering the two shipping rate of $4.30 for priority and $.90 for First Class shipping.

We have also added 3 of The Squirrel Works rocket kits to our line of products. We have started out with The Red Baron, Cloud Warrior and Stinger. We will be shipping these kits out next week.

We have both of the great products ready for you to order at

Thank you for your time:
Yea! That's cool. I'm glad you're carrying D.M.B.'s stuff now. And I think Squirrel Works is based near or in Dallas. I've met them at a DARS meeting!