Rockethead Rockets BLINK FAMILY ready to move on Febuary 16

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Rockethead Rockets has got all of the parts for the rockets and for our lathe so we can start to turn nose cones. What does this mean? The Blink Family will be ready to move to your neighborhood on Febuary 16. We are now taking preorders for the Blinks. If you would like a family like the Blinks in your neighborhood go to to place your preorder. The Blink family is 3 13mm rockets. You have the Baby blink at 51/2" tall with feather weight recovery, Mama Blink at 8" tall with a Mylar streamer recovery and Papa Blink at 10 1/2" tall and also a Mylar streamer recovery. To find out more information on them go to our web site listed above.

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