Rockethead Rockets 1 year birthday sale!!

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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We have made it one year. To celebrate our 1 year birthday we are offering our Mylar parachutes at a 20% discount for the month of October. But it does not end there we are also offer free shipping on our Mylar parachutes. This is the time to try our Mylar parachutes if you have been wanting to and if you need to stock back up this will be the time to do it. You can find out more information or order your Mylar parachutes at When you are there check out our line of Rockethead Rockets Model rocket kits and our new addition The Squirrel Works Model rocket kits.
Hey Tom, congrats on making it a year. Feels longer don't it? :D

Wow, 3 vendors with anniversaries within 2 months. Do you get the feeling that next year everyone is going to wait until Sept/Oct to make their rocket purchaces?

Just ordered 9 chutes!

This is a deal!

I tried one of your chutes last weekend in my Fliskits Rhino and was very impressed with it's performance
i love those chutes! everyone should get some. they have saved a few rockets of mine with the high visibility!
Congrats Tom!

So, I take it that the September/October timeframe is going to be *Par-Tay* city here in TRF from now on??? LOL

I remember last year at our 1st anniversary. a *very* good feeling indeed :)