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Jun 15, 2009
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i don't care what is happening aerotech as long a i can still get motors. whatever your personal problems with them are doe's not effect me. on average i get a free motor once a year, and they warranty any failure i have had. as a commercial electrician/ instrumentation i would run from you as an employee. you have proven that any contact that you sign, you are not will to comply with. if aerotech can not deliver product then it will close down and you can boost that you where right. but if aerotech is still alive in two years, i expect you to do a lady gadiva at ldrs30. put up or shut up.

"I worked for aerotech for several years. I have quit twice before, Each time I have been begged to come back, this time I will not go back.

I cannot work for someone as unethical and as much of a liar and a cheater as Aerate is. I mentioned SOME of the things that are happening at Aerate in hopes of protecting the people in this hobby.

You repay me by talking bad about me? What did I ever do to you except try to warn you that you might get burned or even worse?

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