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Jul 27, 2014
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My wife (forum user bertaadele) just built one of these, and is a little alarmed when she realized that the shock cord went down to the motor mount. Since it's just underwear band shock cord, has anyone had a problem with the ejection charge frying the shock cord?
I told her the same thing.. but the question is- why did rocketarium make it this way? Are we missing something? She'll probably just replace the shock cord with kevlar.
My wife is a wuss- she doesn't want to stick a K2050 super thunder in it.
Update- the Mrs. thought she could glue down the underwear band shock cord along the tube wall. The glue would protect the shock cord, and also keep it "out of the way". Long story short- it didn't work. Had separation on ejection (shock cord was burnt through). On the plus side, it's not the most aerodynamic rocket in the world, so both pieces were recovered successfully with no damage. We are going to replace the shock cord with kevlar string, and probably fly it again at some point. The up part was very nice.