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Dec 29, 2003
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Well, after over a year of living out of cardboard boxes since moving a full house into a full house, things have settled to the point where it's time for me to get my hobby space. It's essentially a 7'10" wide, 30" deep portion of our laundry room.

What I'm envisioning is a kitchen countertop work table high enough to stand and work at with a stool for sitdown jobs. Underneath will be a 6" shelf that's 28" deep for tube storage and what not. Below that I've got room for my range box, engine storage, drawer units, file cabinet etc. Above the counter I see about 2 feet of peg board across the wall and then a half shelf (14 " deep) a little over 8" high (the height of a can of spray paint). Above that, 28" deep shelves spaced at 18 and 12".

I haven't quite figured out what to do with the side walls. Perhaps fitted with angled dowels to use as rocket storage.

I can't wait to get my engines out of the basement (it's relatively dry with a dehumidifier but did flood this spring--no damage as they were up on pallets in plastic tool boxes) and my rockets out of the garage (it's 21F here today!) and have a place other than the kitchen table to work. I don't anticipate finishing here so won't need ventilation.

If some of you with superior workshops could post pics of your work areas, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

I've lived for the last 28years in a very small townhouse. My Shop is what was the laundry/furnace room. The better 2/3rd didn't like the dinky washer/drier combo. I got that floorspace also. I build-in a 30" high x 30" x 10 foot work bench with carpernters vise, but only use 8 feet of the bench for work the other two feet store my table top 10" saw table and a complete range of hardware & fastener drawers. Below the bench top on the left is a builtin 5 drawer tool storage for planes, files, clamps, scrapers, punches and other woodworking and sheet metal wroking tools. Most of the major hand tools are mounted on the wall behind and above the bench for easy access. on the right side under the counter is a 6 foot sliding door storage for paint roller pans, rollers, boxes of polybrushes, wire spool storage, and other general bulk material stroage. I 3/4" plywood covered the old double sink and mounted shelving beside it for all the handpower tools, routers, bits and other accessories, with additional storage on shelves about and on the ductwork above:)
added a sound absorbing top with parts/blade ben to the top of a 2 drawer file cabinet to which my 16" scroll saw is mounted. Table top bandsaw, vertical 4x24 inch belt sander, Drill press, grinders, and 1" finishing belt sander all stay mobile on the double sink top. It's small, close quarters so I added a 30" x 30"X 10foot exterior work bench and shelving about 10 feet away up the basement stairs to handle Large stuff year round under a canopy. I don't build many rockets in these areas but do most of the woodwork, centering rings, and build all my launch equipment here. actual model assemble, parts and parts storage are in the front basement room which has now been completely taken over by Model rocket stuff. there the "bench" is a 30" x 30" x 48" old kitchen table top with added shleving, drop leafs and rolling bins. All my Mototool power tools and attachments, mini lathes and stuff stay in this area. I'm sure you've already seen the page of picture of this front room area from other threads. I thought I had a photo of the back bench but can't seem to put my fingers on it so I hope the discription is adequate
sounds like a nice work area Metman !
only thing I can add is ,one can never have enough workbench area.!
Sounds like a nice work area. One idea for the bench top is to use 1/4 inch hardboard screwed into 3/4 inch plywood. Sturdy and flat surface that is forgiving to the edged tools and cheap enough to replace after it gets nicked, gouged, and full of adhesive.