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Jun 18, 2003
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I have been thinking about buying an enclosed trailer........ Maybe 6' X 10' or 6' X 12'...... The idea would be to have an easier and secure way of transporting my rocket stuff.......... And it double as a storage for things (rocket stuff only) that I don't use all the time.....

My question is this....... Would I have to park the trailer under something like one of those portable carports? I mean would parking the trailer in the direct summer sun get the inside too hot to store rockets?

We here is SC get temps over 100 degrees all the time and the direct sun is even hotter......
I have a 6x10 tool trailer. In those things it does indeed get hot - sometimes I can't pick up the squares and such because they burn me. I'm guessing that the heat couldn't be good for rockets or equipment. Since most of my tools are metal - they don't care much.

I would park it in a shady area if you are worried about it harming your rockets - out of the direct sunlight is also good if you get one with a fiberglass top - they degrade in the sun and start to look bad. If you had just a shady area - carport , something it would be a good idea.

Our club keeps our equipment in a trailer - mostly metal rails, rods, etc, batteries are stored in the house. The electronics are stored in cases inside - but they are foam protected (I think iti s pelican style cases - waterproof, foam you can cut type).


I wonder if it would help for you to put a couple of those solar-powered ventilation fans on the trailer roof?

in South Carolina, probably not!

also, these days you can get some pretty good insulation. I've seen foil-backed insulation for boats (decks) that can maintain a 30o difference. maybe line the trailer with that?

all that, plus park it in a car port under a tree ...

heck, buy a bigger trailer and put an air conditioner in it and make that your workshop!
Here is our trailer.

Look familiar to some of you?

NAR 77267
TRA 09848
Has 2 12volt deep cycle batteries, inverter, running water, makes for a nice work space ( Mice like it too unfortunatley )

NAR 77267
TRA 08948
Cool Idea. So you use an old popup without the fabric. Talk about an ez-up! Portable shade!

I bought an old GMC Motorhome. Plan to refurb it and use it for rocket launches and camping, natch.

Since the one in the movie Stripes had a rocket launcher on the roof, there's one on the drawing board for it too.;)