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Sep 20, 2012
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What is the best way to store built and unbuilt rockets? Currently all my kits are laying on their side in boxes, which I have about 6 boxes with about 7 to 15 kits in each box. Mostly I am concerned with them getting crushed or get the tubes out of round.

My built rockets I have them standing on their MM or fins.

I recently created a PVC rack/stand for my built rockets, using slightly undersized wood dowels that insert into the MM's so they stand upright. I don't have a photo right now to share though.
I've heard of people storing their built rockets by hanging them in trees. Not sure if you have any good trees by you, but it keeps the tubes from going out of round, I guess.
I just lay mine on a spare bed. Sometimes I prop up the NC so that the airframe is level with the bed.

I have a bunch of these. They hold over 50 lbs of rockets right now in my garage. Also use other ones attached to the top of my easy up at the lake bed.

I was just thinking of trying to make something similar for getting mine off the floor behind the couch of my apartment.
Nice to know its a feasible idea.

Those are some really big "model airplanes".
But then again, I know nothing of model airplanes and anyone else may say we have some really big "model rockets".
snapped a few pics right now of the WingSling (this is the Large) for my HPR and the hanging shoe organizers for the L-MPR. Amazon has the shoe hangers. Made my life so so much easier for small $$



For my LPR, I have multiple plastic storage tubs. I look around to find tallish ones so the rockets can stand vertically.
For some of my MPR I have some garbage cans so they can again be stored vertically.
I still don't have sufficient space that way so some kits are tucked away and stored horizontally