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Feb 13, 2004
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Hey all! Just another quick heads up.Tonight at 8:30 pm Eastern on the Do It Yourself Channel (DIY) Radio Control Hobbies will be doing a show on launching a Skill Level 1 rocket.I watch this show all the time but haven't seen this one yet.It'll be interesting to see their take on it.-Russ
I remember seeing that a year or so ago ...he builds a model rocket I can't remember what, an Estes I believe.

what I do remember was with all the advertisements and commercials the actual show was mabey 20 minutes.
Does anyone have the channel (as in number)??? Sounds interesting.
I think it's 109 on Dish Network. It's been such a long time since I watched that channel! I've seen their shows about robots, R/C airplace, R/C cars, R/C boats. Like Styme said, there are LOTS of commercials!
Ok, I missed it - but my wife has DIY on our "speed dial" on the remote; scrapbooking shows and stuff.

Missed this one.
Well I watched this show last night and frankly I thought it was great.This was a very cool intro for the newbie as well as a great plug for Estes.However,I don't remember their name being mentioned directly.Probably legal "we don't wanna get sued if your viewers screw up" stuff.Also cool where all of the different models.I really enjoyed the Redstone as well as the Commanche-3.The Commanche looked almost as nice as mine.LOL! Exact same color as mine,too.
Another cool part was the cartoon graphics explaining rocket stuff.Again,very useful to newbies.
The only quirks I found where in some of his techniques.I,for one,would not have used CA on my mounts.A hard landing shock could do them in.Also he should have shown a little more technique on the fin fillets.Speaking of fillets;Was it my imagination or did the Commanche not have any?I know several people who build with the "root edge only" fin attachment style but i'm just not that confident in it.One of these days I'm gonna build me a cheap "test bed" rocket for that style just to see what will stand up to what.
Last but not least was his act of painting via spray can in such an enclosed area.Bad idea!
One final thought;You all should really check out DIY more often.Tons of cool stuff on there.
I know this isn't quite kosher but did anyone tape it?
I'd like to see it. I have the Discovery channel LDRS show that was on for the last time Saturday (the 18th) taped. Haven't gotten to see all of it yet.
I don't get DIY...
Saw the Discovery channel show the week before, too. Was interesting but not as good as this last weeks.
Those HPR are WAY out of my league. When they're spending as much as I'd spend on a good used car I'm not more than mildly interested...
That one that was going for the altitude they couldn't even afford a full size test engine (it was a P engine).
I caught part of this show last night. The guy did mention ESTES as 'The premier manufacturer' of modrocs.

My only real gripe was that he used Sanding Sealer on the fins before attaching them to the airframe!! This can warp the fins and is messy as all get out. Fill-n finish, after gluing the fins would have been much preferable, not as smelly, and far less toxic.

His build was kinda messy as well... he spray painted parts by holding them in his hand!!

like he'd sniffed too much dope!

good show, i put it on so my wife could get the basics without my condescending attitude.

He always looks like that.I was gonna ask wether anyone thought he really needed a rocket to get high.LOL!!!!