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Rocketman 13

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Nov 18, 2003
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Hey everbody I am doing some major changes to my good old rocket shop.Most of you don't know were I work on my rockets.So I will give you a little back round.It is a 50's building its hard to describe I will try to get some pictures tomorrow.Well
any way in 2002 I put a new tin roof on it because my ceiling was leaking very badly.My dad paid for that which was about $700 and Him and I installed it ourself.My rocket shop itself is a bathroom(it does not smell!) and then I took the wall out across from it leading into a narrow cedar wood walk in closet.Then I had a very hard time keeping it warm stabbed a hole in bathroom drywall no installation!!So I tore all the rotted drywall out and then I am going to put R-25 installation in and then new drywall plus I am going to put new trimming in and then paint it a sky blue.Then on the outside I am going to put white paint to match my house a bit and to help the wood last longer.It is a real Father Son project for me and my dad. Total cost I have to pay for it!no big deal!$300 so no new rockets for me for a while.Just thought you like to know what my shop is like. Later Rocketman 13
As long as you do your best,with what you have.No one could ask for more! hope it warms up in there, he** i hope it warms up here!.....jerry:)
Thanks for the response doxiedog315.My shop is really cool it just hard to describe.I get some pictures later at 4.30 Pm Pacific time if you want to see what it looks like.Later have to go to school. Rocketman 13

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