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Jul 21, 2002
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I just tried my first Rocket Rage chute this weekend. They are top shelf! I contacted the owner Carl Delzel who was very helpful telling him what i needed. For starters, i got his RRQS15, which is the smallest in his quantum chute line. It is rated to carry up to 15 pounds at 22 fps. He gave me a choice of like 6 different color schemes which he had on hand, of which i chose one that had alternating red, blue, and black quadrants. I purchased it with the intention of using it for my Sumo clone which is described in another thread. I flew it on a J570W for a ripping flight to ~5,500'. The chute came out and brought it back very softly, with no swaying or "jellyfishing" or anything like that. The design of these quantumn chutes is superb. It packs into a very small space and yet is very strong, both of which were selling points to me, as this was exactly what i was looking for for this project. After the great flight on the J570, i immediately went and bought a K1275R for it. look at the pic below for a perspective of my insanity:D the motor basically takes up the entire body tube. the recovery harness fits in the space between the airframe and motor. the chute packs into the 16" nosecone, of which 6" is taken by noseweight and, the shoulder isn't counted either (it's filled with motor:D). So, the whole chute packs into the lower 10 inches of nose.

Furthermore, i ordered the parachute for my 2X Sumo from Carl. I went with a biggun too. An RRQS150, which is rated for up to 150 pounds that will have alternating red/gold panels like the paint scheme on my Sumo. This very large chute will still pack into the space taken by an R14, rated for only 35 pounds. My dad also plans on getting one of his RRQS50s for his L3 Magnum.

So, just letting you all know that If you go with a Rocket Rage chute, you won't be disapponted. chech 'em out here:

I am not in any way affiliated with Rocket Rage. I am simply sharing my experience of what IMHO is a fantastic product.
here is a pic of it laid out on my lawn, unfortunately, i couldn't get one of it inflated
I have 3 Rocket Rage chutes myself.
2 RRQS15's and an RRQS100
They are indeed top notch in every way.
I agree. Carl's chutes are awesome... we tried to make a land sailing machine with one during the windstorm of XPRS last year. One of the 300 lb ones (as featured in the ad in ER) and a dolly, along with Erik Gates and a 50 mph wind, made for quite the entertainment... :p I plan on using one in my Nike Smoke this year at BALLS.

BTW, Eric, ya ever gonna paint that Sumo? :D
interesting, I was going to go for an R14 for a rocket I need a big chute for, but now I am considering looking at one of these
Got my first Quantum few days ago... I guessed they were -right- but not -that much-! Men they're superb... every construction detail is a work of art!

Couldn't resist to inflate the 50...
... from below.

I'll post some more pics of the details I was referring to. Can't wait to fly it... if it looks so nice on the ground I can't even imagine how cool it will be in the sky!
I've just received my RRQS30.
Does anyone have any tips for putting this in a 4'' tube ?
I've been trying the method that's on the website.
Just looking for some ideas.


Hi greg!

I packed my #50 into a 4 incher using a Quickburst deployment bag. It's rather easy, you just have to be patient and think a bit more than you would with a RM...

In my opinion the most important thing while packing a RR is that all the lines should be equally long: that refers mainly to the one that connects to the apex.

It is diificult for me to explain by words, let me take some pictures and it will be clear (at least I hope).
FWIW, I've come back this year with a little more experience with Carl's chutes...

We had a minor issue on a flight in Texas when one of our outboards had the delay column let go midway though the burn, causing the rocket to fill with gas and eject the chute about halfway through the burn of the central N motor. Oops. We had a RocketRage RRQS150 for the main parachute and a Rocketman R9 ProEX as the drogue. As the nose cone peeled off and the chutes came out, the R9C immediately shredded into little bits and pieces, but the RR chute opened gloriously and held on to the rocket through the duration of the N motor's burn and brought it back to the ground safely.

They're stronger than you think!

(photo by Tim Sapp)
Wow - that's incredible. I knew they were strong, but holding on when a rocketman pro-exp. shredded? Simply amazing.
I know he makes some custom chutes that pack in no room for minimum diameter projects... but I think the smallest is the 15 lb.

Ask him anyway.
I have about 20" of a 4" tube for my next project.... would it be pretty easy to get a quantum 15 in there?
Absolutely. My RRQS15 packs in 8-10" of 4" tube quite comfortably, and if I really jam it in, I can squeeze it in 6" of 4" tube.
what about the 30? I've got a 12# dual deploy I'm building, and I'm not too sure I want it coming down at 20fps...I'm thinking more like 13-14
Based on how my 15 packs, the 30 should fit fine (and come down SLOOOOOW on a 12# rocket). According to their website, a well packed 30 should fit in 7" of 4" tube (8-12" would be more realistic, depending on packing ability). It would work fine. I'd bet you could fit a 70 or a 100 in there without too much difficulty (although I would go with the 30 for that, if not the 15:)).
haha, thanks for the info, but I think a 70 or 100 might be just a little bit too much :p

I actually just sent him an email about a custom sized chute however, if it's not too much extra money, I might have him make me an equivilent of an RRQS20...that should be about the right speed.
Definitely, and if you're REALLY worried about the packing space (I woudln't be), he makes chutes that are the same size as his regular ones, but are for competitions, and pack IMPOSSIBLY small. I've seen the competition 30 pack into a 38mm tube before (it took up a lot of length, but it fit).
nah, I'm not that worried about length anymore...I was sort of comparing them to TAC-1 chutes as far as size goes, but they're evidentally much better packers. hopefully he'll be able to make my custom 'chute for not too much extra money.
Absolutely. Compared to rocketman/tac-1/skyangle chutes, the RR chutes pack MUCH smaller. The other ones are great if you have the room, but the rocket rage overall is a better choice in my opinion. My RRQS15 packs in about the same space as a Skyangle Classic 44, maybe a little less space (and the 44 is only rated for about 1/3 the weight)