Rocket R&D gone?

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The last I heard from them was that the owner was having some serious health problems. Leaving him unable to produce any kits or parts. It's a real shame since their stuff was pretty nice for the price.

I still have a 4" Sky Raider.

Yeah, that's why I asked. Christmas is comming, and our dollar is close to yours. So, ... me and a bud were to get a few..

I do hope he gets better. being 'down' is no way to spend a season. I wish him all the best, and a speedy recovery.
The impression I had was that it was a long-term illness.

I think its a shame that operations of the company weren't handed off to someone; there's some really good scale kits that were offered by them.
I spoke with Gary Buck (owner of Rocket R&D) at our launch yesterday. He gave me permission to post this here. It is Gary's wife JR that has the health issues and Gary cannot run the business on his own. He would entertain a serious offer from someone that wanted to buy the business and carry on the Rocket R&D name. He will only sell to someone that would continue making & selling R&D kits and not to someone who just wants the inventory. I have no idea how much he would take. I do know he won't just sell it to anyone. Gary can be reached at 217-841-4777.

Kevin Trueblood
Tripoli Central Illinois