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Sold Rocket Propulsion Elements (book) Sutton, plus other aerodynamics books.


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Jan 27, 2009
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Meridian, ID
Rocket Propulsion Elements: An Introduction to the Engineering of Rockets, Sixth Edition 1992.
By George Sutton
Covers the basic physical principles of rocket propulsion such as nozzle thermodynamics, heat transfer, flight performance, and propellant chemistry for all rocket types, including liquid, solid, hybrid fueled, and electric propulsion systems.
Sixth edition, 1992, hardback. ISBN 0-471-52938-9. Condition: Excellent, including dust jacket.

Incompressible Aerodynamics: An Account of the Theory and Observation of the Steady Flow of Incompressible Fluid past Aerofoils, Wings, and Other Bodies.
Edited by Brian Thwaites. Theoretical and experimental treatment of the uniform flow of air and other viscous fluids past two-dimensional aerofoils and three-dimensional wings, along with such related topics as flows past joined bodies, shear flows, rotary flows, and boundary-layer control.
1987 trade paperback Dover reprint of 1960 text. ISBN 0-486-65465-6. Condition: Very good, minor staining to bottom edge.

Theory of Flight
By Richard Von Mises
Balanced, well-written account of fundamental fluid dynamics, ToF may still be recommended for a clearer presentation than is to be found in many more recent works, though it is limited to situations in which air compressibility effects are unimportant. It is unusual in offering a well-balanced introduction, stressing equally theory and practice. It avoids the formidable mathematical structure of fluid dynamics while conveying by often unorthodox methods a full understanding of the physical phenomena and mathematical concepts of aeronautical engineering.
1959 trade paperback Dover reprint of 1945 text. ISBN 0-486-60541-8. Condition: Very good.

Sold as a bundle only: $50 Includes shipping to US addresses via flat-rate box USPS Priority Mail.
May include whatever other rocketry-related items I might find to fill the box.

PM to purchase, PayPal preferred.


As I mentioned, I add stuff to the box that I run across that might be interesting; so far, added Guided Missile Engineering, Pucket and Ramo, 1959.
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Jan 19, 2009
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Considering that Rocket Propulsion Elements currently goes for north of $150, that's a heck of a deal!