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Jan 30, 2009
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Found these at Wal-Mart, HotWheels Fuelers. Neat electric-powered cars with motor and squealing tire sound effects. Strange looking bottle sticking out of top of car. Maybe could be modified for rocket power! Here is the result::eek: :eek:
UGH!!! These motors are NOT plugged! There goes the EJECTION CHARGE!!! My camcorder is TOAST!!:( :( Oh well, I did want to go DIGITAL!!!;) ;) ;)
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man... I gotta try that! I am NOT putting our new digital camera/cameracorder down like that, though.:D ;) I cant help but think that you were asking for it having the thing right in the track and all....:p

Did it really kill your camercorder? How did you get the pics? did you recover the tape and take pics of your TV?:D ;)

What ryan said. How much do those suckers cost?:D :)
My dad proabably wont let me go over C power with these things. :mad:

If he lets me do it at all....:rolleyes: He wont let me make matchstick rockets either....:rolleyes: :mad: :(
Hey guys, no the camcorder luckily was sitting on top of a brick. The car hit the brick and tried to move the brick and the camcorder. The sound system in the car was roaring through the whole crash. I just picked out a few shots from the crash. The actual video is something; lots of smoke and flames and the realtime ejection charge is amazing with the amount of fire! I really thought I was going to lose my camcorder! The cars in themselves are neat and I was hesitant to tear into them. Everything is still intact though and to return to stock condition only requires reconnecting the drive belt. The C6-3 is the most I think these cars can take because of the short wheelbases. They are really squirrelly on C's and run well on B6-4s. My Estes Blurzz dragsters are awesome on E9s because of the geometry of the long wheelbases. Here is another of the HotWheels Fuelers and maybe my next project. What do you think?:eek: :D
nice, this thread is putting ideas in my head, I think I am gonna try something crazy, but cool
You guys are *SUCH* a bad influence on me....:rolleyes: ;)

LOL. I really have to try this... I think I will go with an 18MM Blurzz first, then maybe a hotweels. Actually, depends on which is more expesive...:rolleyes:

I love these threads....:D ;) :cool:
Really cool.
My local Wal-Mart now has the Estes Tuners, which look alot like these Hot Wheels, but are built for rocket power like the dragsters. You should look for them.

Thanks Tim, my Wal-Mart quit selling rocketry items about 2 years ago; sold their inventory of rocket motors for 50 cents for each 3-pak, even the D12-3s! I bought about $400 worth of motors for about $90!!!! Have been well-stocked on Bs and Cs for about two years now! That's why I MAKE projects like rocket-powered HotWheels. I am looking for the Tuners and these were for fun till I can get them. I have been following your rocketry projects and your projects are nice and I have also been building "paper rockets" inspired by your kid's projects. Keep up the good work!:) :) :)
Wow, Thanks.
I've been following all of yours as well. Maybe we'll get to meet up some time since we're sort of neighbors. I'd love to see all those rocket cars run.
My wife is in nursing school right now, so we're a bit busy, but she graduates in a few weeks, so we hope to have a fun summer, and I hope to get to more club launches.

If you like paper rockets, you might like what I've been working on lately. I've been keeping it a secret since I plan to enter it in the Fliskits design contest, but once it's done you'll be able to download and build one yourself. I just need to get out and fly it to prove it's stable, and I need to take some pics.

And what a deal at your Wal-Mart. Got a similar deal myself just the other day:

8 packs of 1/4A's
7 packs of D12's
7 packs of MMX
All for $1 each. Saved about $100.
And 5 Super Shot starter sets for $6 each. :D
2 were the Twister and Super Shot combo
2 were the Army and Air Force combo
other 1 was the Screw Mahine.

One day I am going to strap some rocket engines to a street luge and take a ride.

Originally posted by shrox
One day I am going to strap some rocket engines to a street luge and take a ride.


How would you tell the difference? I've seen you street luge people go....

Unless of course you are shooting (pun intended) to get to the finish line without all the hassles of the turns in the middle:)
Originally posted by shrox
One day I am going to strap some rocket engines to a street luge and take a ride.


To tell you the truth a guy beat the street louge speed record with I believe 6 "G" engines. It ended up going about 94mph. BTW this was on "Ripley's believe it or not".
The rocket luge record is 119.60 mph set in 2001. Last year I had actually attached the motors to the luge and wired them up, but I didn't have enough battery power. We put it off until the next day. Well it rained for a week and I took the motors off and kind of forgot about it. I will try it this summer probably, maybe at the Point Arena Lighthouse gravity event.