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When I saw he was using aluminum I thought, "Oh Crap".

But it turned out wasn't a flying model, just rocket power to spin it up on the ground.

But that does beg the question then of building a flying Fidget Spinner rocket..... out of safe materials.


Meanwhile, the group at Flite Test recently made a flying twin Fidget Spinner plane. Well, in their own way. And it flies, though not too well. If they keep at it they'll probably get it to fly better. Since it is not using ailerons, it would really help if they increased the dihedral, they barely have any and only have rudder to steer it.


Their model is more like this twin Autogyro model plane, sort of half wing, half spinning blades:


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If you made a light one a canted the arms a tad it certainly could be made to work. Some UK guy had a similar 3-armed thing called the Scroton. IIRC
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BTW, the guy that did the clear engine did a video proving that Estes motors will work in a vacuum. We all knew that but it looks cool in slomo.
That's a fantastic experiment/demonstration. Not just because it makes the Flats look foolish again.

Its great to see his setups get better (far cry from buzzsawing a C in half.....)
They'll just claim it didn't produce thrust until there was enough gas from it in the tube to push off of.... *sigh*
Pretty cool. I would be nervous about the metal in a Cato.
But that does beg the question then of building a flying Fidget Spinner rocket..... out of safe materials.


Rocketarium makes three kits that act much like fidget spinners.... Vortico (18mm motors), Mega Vortico (24mm), and Turbo Vortico (29mm). Definitely unusual designs.
Somebody please buy one of those and add 13mm mounts on each leg (fin? arm?).
Just watched the Rocket-Spinner youtube last night........He used E9s........Of all the hobby motors available, he used E9s...........

Pretty sure there was at least one blowout on his first try.
One thing to note is that E9's will burn through their sides just above the nozzle when used in spinning things (rockets included).
Okay, a Rocket powered fidget spinner is one thing, but what about a fidget spinner powered rocket?