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Feb 5, 2003
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Hey guys, remember the thread recently about Rocket Trike getting a RC airplane? He even posted pictures I think. Well anyway the discussion took off about adding a motor to it.

I was looking today at something very similar to TRF its called Ezone and I found this thread.

So here is a plane like RT's with motors in the wing tips with floats, taking off from water. Cool

WOW ! Do the motors just lift it out of the water or keep it going up and up ? And secondly what motors are they?
Thats about all the info I have on it, just the picture!!! So your guess is about as good as mine. :D

I was surprised to see the motors in the wingtips too. Since its on floats I'm assuming it ROW's(rise off water). Cool

I'd be willing to bet that they're just so the plane can achieve enough velocity while the floats are in contact with the water (*very* high drag) to become airborne before burnout, with flight being sustained by the standard prop motor.

This became common on late / post WWII boat planes in real world use (before the boat plane itself became obsolete through the use of longer ranging jet aircraft and carriers.) The large boat planes would use either rockets or high thrust jet engines just to break free of the water and take off before they (the rockets or jets) would run out of fuel and flight would be sustained by the propeller engines.

Cool model!