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Dec 24, 2003
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Every now and then I see on eBay kits by a company called Rocket Pad. They seem to do a fair amount of scale military rockets. Has anybody here ever built one of their kits?

EMRR has no reviewa and does not even list them as a manufacturer.

There are 2 model makers that have simalar names. One is Rocket Pad and the other the Launch Pad. Although the more familiar is the Launch Pad kits, Rocket Pad also makes some military kits as well.

This the URL for The Launch Pad (Al, this where I got Perseus I launched last summer!)
The Launch Pad

The other is Rocket Pad. I don't know if the have a web site, but here is a URL for an Ebay auction from them. at least it's a contact..
Rocket Pad Kits
I originally thought that Launch Pad and Rocket Pad were synonyms. Apparently they are two different kit makers.
It wouldn't surprised me if someone decided to take the ball and run with it. Think of it this way, if no one is looking to revive "The Launch Pad", why not start your own modeling company to replace them? Why not call it "Rocket Pad"? Almost synonymous. I see so many smaller startups doing model rockets of original designs. I see nothing wrong with this. Personally, if I were to set up shop, I'd work towards manufacturing "TLP" clones. There is a big void there now that "TLP" is no longer around. OOP kits are going to soar. If it were me, selling "TLP" type kits as clones (and possibly with decals) would be the way to go. Hmm...any takers? I know I can't do it. (No money to. :( )
Thanks for setting me straight silverad. If I had ever heard of the Rocket Pad, I'm sure my mind did just what it did this time...substitute the name I was familiar with :eek:

eugene, if this company tries to replace TLP to some extent, I hope they get a web site and distributors vs. selling them as 'rare' items on ebay. Having a similar name to a known brand to catch attention is not uncommon, but it seems slightly more unscrupulous on ebay where people are likely to assume the product IS the original. Oh well, since when have all the sellers on ebay been scrupulous? :rolleyes:

Hospital_Rocket, your job, should you decide to accept it, is to get one of their kits and review it here and on EMRR :) (of course you don't HAVE to accept it)
Originally posted by rstaff3
eugene, if this company tries to replace TLP to some extent, I hope they get a web site and distributors vs. selling them as 'rare' items on ebay.

I agree 100%. I figured replacing TLP would be a great way to start a rocket business. Done properly, (ie - website with great webstore and distribution) it would be a great business.
I have always loved TLP kits. I am leaning torward that direction with some of my own designs. Primarily, cluster lits. I have built and flown a couple of TLP cluster kits and am very happy with them.

This could be one of a few future offerings along the same TLP kit genre. Intial project name is Mike IX. It is about 40" long, with a 4 engine (24mm) cluster!!

Mike IX

I just completed capturing the thing in Rocksim V7. And strangely enought it looks like it will fly.

Couple of Roints and Rocksim questions:

1) How do I get the centering ring to show as though it is for a cluster? In the drawing it looks like there is one hole in the center and yet I did use the cluster wizard to create the motor tube assembly. I looked at other cluster designs of EMRR and they all seem to show the same "feature."

2) For some reason I cannot seem to get the simulation to accept a motor. Is this related to (1)?

3) The mfr included a lump of clay to add nose weight. As over stable as this is can anyone hazard a guess why?

I am using this to write a review for EMRR and would appreciate any help.


1.) To get the centering rings to print correcly you need to get the upgrade to version 7.0.3 from Apogee.
2.) You need to designate the inside tubes as motor mounts to allow the program to accept motors.
3.) The clay is very necessary on this design since when you load the motors the CG appears behind the CP which is very unstable. In the attached file, I ran the simulations with 2 ounces of clay in the nose.

There is a way to make these types of designs fly stable without adding clay weight to the nose cone. You would have to attach the forward fins on pivots at their leading edges so they become non-steering fins. That's what pop rivets are for!

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Thanks Bruce, I did not catch the check box for MMT.

Weird simulation though...

The insert card specifies A8-3, B6-4, C6-5

Based on a stable design, you would not need a recovery system as it would probably survive the fall :)

Also note that on the simulation I posted the parachute and shock cord were placed as far aft as possible for a "worst case" senario. I could not simulate a stable flight with two A8-3's either with or without the two ounce nose weight. I suspect that the weight of some of the components is off, especially that of the nose cone and nose weight. What are the proper materials and thicknesses for the fins and centering rings?

The attached RockSim version 7 file is my latest try.

I can't understand how you came up with: "Based on a stable design, you would not need a recovery system as it would probably survive the fall." ; can you explain what you are seeing so I can help out?

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Was a joke (about not needing the recovery system)

The RSIM on 2 x A8-3 sent it up about 40 feet. I did wonder about why you moved the parachute though.

I had to guess on the NC composition as it looks like a standard Estes blow molded design. I used stock components wherever I could, The only place where I was eeally guessing was the CRs. They are that black fiberboard material and I chose "rocketwood" as I saw nothing else that would do.

I have not started th build-up as I am documenting for a review.

One bit of weirdness is the specs call for a completed weight of 4oz. Rsim comes in at over 9oz in my case. I will weigh the completed bird once assembled and try a mass override.

Thanx for the running tutorial though.

Now I see the probleem; the myalr parachute you simulated had a weight of over four ounces! When I fixed this problem the model only needs like a 1/2 ounce of clay weight to assure stability and gives an empty weight of 3.87 ounces. It now flies good on A8-3's see attached file. I also used the RockSim equations in the simulations.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
I won a Lark on ebay & built it as instructions called for, & had no problem with the flight(2xB's) It was very stable! The larger fins up front are on alot of missiles that were in service back in the 50's-70's.
...own a Lark from Rocket Pad. I was a little disapointed in that the twin 18mm motor mount came preassembled. It was done poorly with an excessive amount of (white) glue. Nevertheless, I look forward to building the kit and may opt for tripple motor mount rather than use that delivered.
I just noticed on the EMRR "hit list" that they're looking for kit reviews for a handful of kits from Rocket Pad. Who is Rocket Pad
and where is their website? I've done a search and can't find
anything. Strange that EMRR would list a "Hit List" for a vendor
and not have this vendor listed on its own vendor page...
Rocket Pad does not have a web page. The best you could do is go on ebay and do a search for Rocket Pad. I bought a Centuri Bulldog clone from him, but haven't finished it yet.
Hi everone and Hospital Rocket! I am stan at ROCKETPAD Kits! I have not
been on the forum for some time. For those who are new toi the forum,some
info on myself and Rocketpad(wonder why some people have it as Rocket Pad-2 words?),
I bought Rockepad from the original owner back in early 2004. I rewrote all the instructions,
and added more pictures to make assembly easy and clear! I als started to
add more kits to the line. I use high quality part will all the kits like Mid-West
brand balsa & basswood, laser-cut parts etc. I am a bar that got back into the
hobby in the early 90's! I used to fly kits from Estes back in the late 60's -70's.
I work during the day in Electronics and manufacture rocket kits at nite, no
spear time to watch TV(though I do watch Stargate ever week!!) I do need to get
a web site up-need to make the time! At this time I sell on ebay under: myhobbystuff.
If anyone sees a kit they would like that is not listed, contact me and I will
help you! the email is: [email protected]. I have great customer service, please
check out my feedback. Also, there are quite a few Rocketpad reviews on EMMR under
Rocketpad. Please check them out! As for the LARK kit, It did come with a pre-assembled
motor mount, but since I started, the mount is user assembled with laser-cut cluster
centering rings with full instructions. The kit is a great flyer-even with the larger
fins higer that the lower ones like the real missile. Well that it for now,
I would like to thank the forum for the space to talk to everyone.
Thanks again! Stan at Rocketpad Kits.
I have 3 or 4 of rocket pad kits . The lark being one of Stan's kits.
not finished yet need to primer. My comment to this thread is this Stan's service is top notch all kits come well packed never had a problem. Rocket Pad kits are very high on my buy list. Thanks stan for your support.

I have built and flown quite a few of his kits and they are well worth it.
Look up
Mark T
I am a long time and well satisfied Rocket Pad customer. The service is great and the kits are top notch. Give them/him a shot.

I was looking at your kits on Ebay and noticed your Sunseeker kit has a very similar fin structure to a rocket that I designed almost 20 years ago called Twin Fin. I was wondering if you had seen it somewhere and modeled your kit from it.:) The plans were published in the CMASS Plan Book from NARTS back in the early 90's.
I made several versions over the years, heres a picture of one of the latest.