Rocket of the month idea?

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Mar 20, 2019
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From Mars apparently?
I'm on another forum for another hobby and that forum has an equivalent of Rocket of the Month contest. A moderator runs this. At the beginning of the month they ask for photo entries, the last week of the month, they hold a poll. Usually there is a monthly theme. For us that could be LPR, odd rocs, HPR, UFOs, etc.

The winner gets a honorable mention.

What do you think?
All such contests sound great in theory. In practice, they all tend to fizzle out here fairly quickly, because of low participation.

The summer build-off from several years ago was a notable exception in that it drew a good amount of participation and there were some really fantastic entries. But that was a one-off that lasted a few months. No attempt at a monthly contest of any sort has succeeded.
I think it would be fun. Maybe organize it around a kit group buy from one of the vendors. Participants get a deal, a sponsor gets business, and lots of build threads to share ideas.