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Jan 23, 2009
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Here's a unique one...dug out my old test stand while prepping my shed for the winter and parted it out. Anyone looking to test some propellants? This should be everything you need to characterize propellants.

This YouTube video shows all of this hardware in action, except for the Load Cell:

Here's what I have for sale:

1. 38mm 2-Grain Cases (Qty 4)
2. 38mm Nozzles, varying throats (Qty 4)
3. 38mm Bulkheads, drilled and tapped for 1/8" NTP (Qty 2)
4. 38mm Bulkheads, drilled and tapped for 1/8" NTP with copper pipe pressure tubing (Qty 2)
5. Unistrut Section with 1.5" pipe clamp adapter for holding the motors
6. Statham 2500 PSI Transducer
7. Aerocon 100kg Load Cell
8. DATAQ DI-145 Data Acquisition Starter Kit
9. Voltage Stepper (needed for 28V input for Transducer, one terminal block is busted but these are cheap on Amazon)
10. Additive Aerospace INA125 Amplifier
11. Some odds and ends for the piping...flare fittings, etc.
12. My assistance! Whatever I can remember, tips and tricks, etc....will be provided to the best of my ability :)

There's a lot of stuff here, lots of cool stuff. Much of it needs cleaning. Looking for $450 plus actual shipping. Let me know if you're interested!