Rocket Meet in Boulder, CO!!!! May 1st 1PM at Superior Elementary School

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Feb 19, 2009
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Hi everybody,

I'm trying to organize a rocket launch for some elementary school students. We usually try to have the students make rockets and then launch them, but they don't have that much time, so I was going to try to bring some rockets to them that we could launch off.

Is anyone from the Boulder area willing to come and launch off some rockets for the kids? I don't think the field is very large, so nothing too big. Just though it would be a fun idea. I've attached some pictures of a past outreach we did, and some more pictures are on this thread:

Thanks and feel free to send me an email or a PM with more details.


[email protected]



You have an amazing propensity for scheduling these things when I can't come.

So far, you have a 100% success rate - I haven't been able to make it to a single one (including this one unfortunately).

Well, looking at google earth, the field at Superior Elementary (assuming that I'm looking at the field they would use) is around 500x300 feet.
Yea it's not too big. I'm hoping to launch a D-engined Saturn V model, as well as a two stage rocket (not expecting to recover it) and some other small rockets.

Interesting Update: We'll be launching in front of 600 kids!!!!! Let me know if you can make it I'm sure all the kids will appreciate it.

It's going to be really important that the rockets are stable and reliable. I want this to be as safe as possible.