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Rocket lettering

  • Tilt your head left (read from the bottom up)

  • Tilt your head right (read form the top down)

  • Either, dosen't bother me..

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dr wogz

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Feb 5, 2009
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Land of Poutine!
OK, so, after looking at many many kits this past week-end, I've noticed something. Rocket labelling seems to be in either direction..

When applying the name decal, the SERNO decals, do you point the rocket with it's nose to the left or to the right? So that when it's on the rail / launch platform, do you tilt your head left or right to read the name? Like reading the name of a book on a shelf; the name / title on the spine.. (Books, you tilt your head right, the text reads top down..)

Does it matter? Do you have a preference? Would you rather it always be one way or the other?
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Bottom up. That's how everything on StickerShock is oriented, and Estes kits' instructions show them that way.
I always do it with the nose cone facing right, so I read "up" the rocket, which is the same direction it's supposed to (!) go. Slightly annoying that OR always shows it the opposite way by default, so I have to spin it around to preview the lettering.
I have been told by old rocket geezers, huh, gurus, that it is ALWAYS from the bottom up. One time I violated that rule and my maiden flight drag separated and zippered--enough evidence for me.
I like mine with the nose cone on the right, however, scale subjects (military and sounding rockets) often have the lettering bottom-up on one side and top-down on the other side.
I guess I'm used to bottom-up/nose to the right from reading the Estes catalogs.
If its a 3 fin, I like to set it on two with the third straight up and be able to read it from both sides. Kind of fixes an "UP" side (with guides on the bottom)
With 4 fin.....ehhh...Bottom to top? I'd still probably use the rail side as "down" and put them both ways.
Psst- The second option in the poll has a typo: form rather than from.
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Oh crap! I voted one way and the two lettered rockets within 5 feet of the computer are labeled the 'other' way. So much for consistency...

The catalog pictures of the vintage Centuri Excalibur had the logo reading up, but the multi-stage version with the Booster 8, the Excalibur 2, has the logo reading down. That was one of my favorites. I still think a logo looks better going up on a rocket, but most book spines read down, if that has any relevance.

Any rocket names that would read the same either way? One time I ordered a burger with NO ONION, and instead they put NOINO ON. I don't know what a NOINO is, but I do not want that on a burger either.

Anyone named a rocket WOW MOM
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Estes isn't consistent. Prime example. The Sizzler (1906), it appeared in catalogs oriented in both directions, then again, the decals sheet did have two body tube "Sizzler" decals.


I think that with some fonts, the lean of the letters looks better with one orientation, and silly in the other. I can't imagine the Centuri Spirit Of America decals reversed and looking nearly as good. Though they could have done a better job of arranging it in the 1981 catalog photo (corrected in the 1982 catalog, and reversed again in the 1983 catalog)

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I'm pretty sure no RSO would let a rocket fly with the lettering going from top to bottom.

:)wink: in case you are taking me seriously)
I wasn't really thinking about it, but mine would have been better bottom up. It just seems "off" going top down.

I would not know- other than having my name and phone number on my rockets there is no lettering.
Top to bottom on one side, bottom to top on the other. If it's good enough for the US Army, it's good enough for you. :tongue: