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Mike Howie

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Jan 18, 2009
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Over in the Mid power forum rokitflite had a thread titled "Rocket Inspiration".
I thought it was a great idea. And since I didn't have one, I thought to give it
a try. :cyclops: The idea was to focus on the graphics more so than go for an
outlandish rocket.

So here is my attempt. (Not nearly as good as those in the other thread.)
The Tin Lizzy.
BT70 main body.
2 18mm motor mount.
Graphics came from one of those 3d graphics web sites where you can buy a
program to design gaming characters. The one I came up with is a robot girl
in a rocket pack.

Next attempt is the Starfire. Growing up I read the Teen Titans comic book (pre anime look). Starfire was my favorite character. This rocket looks better.
BT 80 body
24 mm motor mount.
For the graphics I scanned in some images from my comics collection.

tinlizzy (Medium).jpg

starfire (Medium).jpg
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Thank you. I wish I could have found a better source for some more art deco
shapes that I could have put on.
Mike your Finishing techniques have improved greatly. Both models are really good looking and very nicely done:)
Are you now printing your own Alps decals?
Not an ALPS printer, just a regular inkjet. Thanks for the complement.