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Jul 6, 2003
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Haven't built, painted, flown or logged onto TRF in a while. I had the "pleasure" of rebuilding a motor for my wife's Civic. It's not as fun as rebuilding a Ford 302 or Pontiac 400, but I haven't done it in a while, so it was fun anyways. Other than forgetting to remove the shift cable off the tranny when I pulled the motor (I pulled the transaxle with it), it went pretty smoothly. I didn't use the camera when I yanked it, but here's a photo it going back together.
And here's a photo of the bugger piston that caused me to undertake this process in the first place! :D did it bend a rod?

Weren't playing "Fast and Furious" were we?

Working on a car is fun for the first few hours....after that, you just want the thing to be back together and running.

Welcome back to the rocket loonies,
A stock Honda Civic DX sedan can hardly play the Fast and the Furious! :D Actually, the real bandit was a burned exhaust valve. Which in-turn perforated the head gasket allowing the cylinder to fill with water. Since water doesn't compress...... the piston rod will! :eek: It dinged up the cylinder wall a good bit, but the damage was below the piston rings, so it's not going to affect anything.
The hard part of this one was waiting on the machine shop to return the block, head, and crank. Despite the many promises of the guys working the counter, it's really up to the fellows in the machine shop as to how fast you get your stuff back! :kill: In the meantime, I had things to do like rebuild CV joints, put on some new tie rod ends replaced the drive belts (although I did that as I put the motor in) and replaced the rear view mirrors (originally it only had the one on the driver side, and the wire for the remote broke. Replaced it, and installed one on the passenger side) As far working on a car being fun, it's a lot more fun if you have a lift, which I don't have!
i have some pistons that look kinda like that...
i was playing f&f tho!