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WARNING: This game is 3 times as addictive as morphine and almost as addictive as Tetris.
That Rocketmania game almost put me in a twelve step program. I have avoided playing it since about Thanksgiving, and if I start again I'll be off the wagon for sure. It is like digital crack.
With you on that, rbeckey. I even shelled out for the full version!

Luckely I had a Hard Drive crash, just before Xmas, so I used that as an excuse to not re-install it, and went 'cold turkey'. Nightmare that - at least you can get nicoteen sustitutes if you're giving up fags. ;)

'Crack'-ing game! :D
Originally posted by n3tjm
Wow! That is a cool game. Very addictive :).

Yea it looks cool........ I'll have to download it and try it out...... I am going to getting a new hard drive soon, so I'm going to wait until then so I have less to backup....... Just want I need, something to spend more time on...........
Originally posted by RocketboyG80
Here's one more that is fun. Moon Squad

I remember this game on the Apple ][+. Next up for 80's computer game ressurection, Where In The World Is Mojo Jojo, Transformers: Energon Trail, and I'm sure we can blend Teen Titans and Cross Country USA somehow. :D
I used to create shareware adventure games for the Mac, and included a little rocketry content in each one. The last one I did called "Twisted", a high power rocket launch figures prominently in the game. In "A Mess O'Trouble", the player encounters me launching rockets in a ghost town. :)

The games are pretty old but still playable on most (not all) Mac systems. There's a color version of Twisted, called "Twisted Deluxe", but it won't run on anything later than OS 9.0.

If anyone's interested, you can find these games here: