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Jan 4, 2009
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I forgot to post this . . .

Back in August I found myself getting involved in rocketry, through an adult Boy Scout training program called "Woodbadge" (many of you may know about it). Anyhow, the people that put it together did a brilliant job, because they used rocketry as a team-building exercise. First they showed us the movie October Sky and then set us off with one kit per team - to put them together and then have a competitive launch.

To make a long story short, I took that back to my Cub Scout Pack and did the same. I used some of the contest criteria from Estes and put one together with awards, medals, etc. A couple of weeks ago, when the weather finally cleared, we finally had a Pack Rocket Derby with twelve boys. Boys and parents came and had an absolutely brilliant time!!!

Talk about the epitome of rocketry! 12 boys, 20+ parents, awards, medals, and they're looking more forward to rockets than a Pinewood derby.

I'm lovin' it . . .
Way cool, I did something klike that about five years ago. The area that I live in at the time had a lot of young guys without male guidance so I bought ten kits and invited them along to learn build and fly. All had a great time. Sadly all have moved from the area and have no idea of how much impression it made. But it was fun anyway. I still teach young men how to build and fly but its with a church youth group now. KIds love rockets!! It can remove walls and teach. Its great fun too!!!! Breck