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Feb 20, 2009
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I was wondering when my Grandson would call me about building the Blue Ninja I got him for Christmas. Got a call from him tonight and about being ready to start on it and, of course, I couldn't wait until he showed up. I didn't want to rush him and wanted him to do it in his time, not mine.

He is doing a great job and I refrained form jumping in and doing it for him but I did emphasize reading and following the instructions. I let him do it all. The Blue Ninja is a perfect first rocket for this 10 year old. We, I mean he, has a few more steps to complete and he has already asked me when he can fly it.

Here is a picture of him in action. Makes this old grandpa proud and happy to see him interested in this great lifetime hobby.
Rockets and and rockets!

It doesn't get any better.

Wait...teenagers and rockets...yea!


Great stuff about the grandson. I don't know if you remember him, but you met one of my grandsons, Sammy, at Distant Thunder. I flown with him several times but can't wait till I get to build with him. I have a Crome Dome and a Blue Ninja waiting for him.


Adults and rockets ?...


Cool story Swimmer, man I envy you guys with Children/Grandkids...I got to find me a tolerant Miss and make her a Mrs.
Originally posted by sandman

Wait...teenagers and rockets...yea!


You aren't kidding there! If only teenagers somehow discovered that rocketry is cool! Hopefully TARC is reaching teenagers in high schools all across America. Heck, the Jan/Feb 04 issue of SPR mag emphasized youth which was refreshing. We're getting tired of seeing all those "sandman-like" old farts in rocketry mags. :D j/k yankin' your chain Sir! :kill: ;)

Swimmer, do a search either on TRF or at EMRR. I am recalling that some folks had their Blue Ninja "blue" metallic wrap peel away. There is a preventative measure you can take to preserve it. On the flipside, there's a metallic silver underneath.
Hey Grandpa, we approve of your choice of Blue Ninja for a 1st rocket!!!

we've had the body wrap peel too. nothing a little tape can't fix.

also it seems the recommended D12-3s always shred the chutes on these; we've had good luck with C11-3 and D12-5s.

if you want to keep your grandson in the hobby then keep buying motors for him!!! I think that's the biggest problem for kids, even a generous allowance gets obliterated by a pack of motors, especially D size motors.
Great picture of concentration, there. My son started with a Chrome Dome and is now assembling a Rhino with almost no help from Dad. When the wrap on the Chrome Dome started to peel at the corner, I used a drop of super thin CA and fixed it right up.
Thanks to past threads on TRF we were ready for the peeling body wrap and sure enough it was loose. I pointed this out to my grandson and he put a little CA on that spot.


I sure do remember meeting Sammy and the rest of your family. You've got a great rocket gang. Hope to see you at upcoming launches. Email me when you know what date you will be attending. Launch dates are on
Nice plug there, Swimmer. In fact, since we're talking about young people, rockets, and now KloudBusters, I wanted to point out that KloudBusters is sponsoring a special Scout/Youth launch on March 27-28 at our regular Argonia launch site.

Bob Brown will be working with Boy Scout troops on merit badge requirements and all youth, either in organizations or solo, are encouraged to come fly with us.

In addition to the model rocket launches, the KloudBusters will be thrilling the kids and parents with HPR launches throughout the weekend.

Sounds like fun, no?

I am a child with rockets:D! Only one at my school that relly likes them except for my math teacher. You can bet it's on my cool list!