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Nov 1, 2009
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Winchester, Indiana
I hope i have posted this in the right place? I am new to this hobby. Have read and checked as much as I could. First of all, thanks to everyone here that has talked with me. Seems to be a great bunch!

I am in the Columbus, Ga area and am looking for a local club. I have talked to Chris @ CS Rocketry who flies with SEARS and a gentleman in Macon. Both have been very nice and thanks Chris for your time and info. Both of these clubs are over 2 hours from my home. Is there anyone in the Columbus - Manchester - Newnan Georgia area who has a club, flies or wants to start a club?

If not just some people that want to get together and talk, build or fly rockets.

Thanks, Lee :cyclops:
Check here..They fly out of Lilly, GA(just south of Perry) occasionally and up by the Atlanta(Mill Springs) area quite often..

They rescheduled their launch planned for this weekend in Lilly to December 19th and 20th..Great group of folks in the SoAR club!
thanks pantherjon! I went to there website and checked them out. I had talked to a gentleman that is in the club in Perry but could not get his e-mail to work and have had a very hard time getting him on the phone, (no answering machine or answer). I will give these guys a call this week. Do not know if I can make the 28th launch at Lilly. My son is coming in for the holiday from Texas. Thanks for the info and help!:D
Greenfish, I know it's a little farther to travel. But, we'd love to have you come to a SEARS launch sometime. We launch from Green's Grass Farm in Samson, AL. It's just west of Dothan.

Here's our website.