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Jul 9, 2004
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My 9 year old son saw Rocket Challenge on the Discovery Channel, and was hooked. We just got back from LDRS in Geneseo, and now he is even more psyched than ever. He spent most of the shoot at the LOC Precision booth. He has already picked out the rocket he wants me to get my level 1 certification with (my contribution to this being paying for the rocket, and the fact I am over 18).

Now my request - when the show was broadcast, we managed to tape all of the second episode and some of the first. Does anyone have the whole thing who would be willing to make us a copy? I would of course pay for the blank tape and the shipping. It would mean a lot to my son.

If there is a kind soul out there willing to help out a newbie, you can email me at rready AT psu DOT edu

There are three one-hour episodes.

1. Wild & Weird Rockets: The largest amateur rocket competition blasts off in Kansas - with a chance to break world records and put some of the most unusual rockets into the atmosphere. Can Aurora hit mach 2? And can an outhouse really fly?

2. How High can you Fly?: The highest bowling ball wins! Rocketeers launch rockets with 16-pound bowling balls in a heavyweight altitude challenge. And which team will win from the ground up as teams race to build and launch an 8 ft rocket from scratch in just a matter of hours.

3. Supersonic Speed Demons: Speed is the challenge, as rocketeers compete to build and fly the fastest home built rocket at speeds over 1300 miles per hour. And viewers will see who can launch a rocket with the most precision in a target based, high-stress competition.

I have a copy of all, but have no way to copy them. I got mine from someone else. You can order them from the Discovery channel and you will get no commercials too. I don't know the cost.

I was at LDRS, maybe I ran into you? LOC kits are good, but there are plenty of others out there and many are cheaper than LOC. Have fun.
Originally posted by Thrasher
You can order them from the Discovery channel and you will get no commercials too. I don't know the cost.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish that were true. I've called them several times to find out of the episodes ever came out on VHS/DVD. I've been in their store and bugged the manager to try and track it for me - nothing.

At the time of the showing I asked if it were possible for someone to send me a copy of the show. In an effort to be conservative and in defense of TRF possibly being sued over copyright laws, the mods kindly requested that this transaction not be discussed publicly. (Nothing against TRF or its mods. You guys have to be cautious of the activities occurring online and I have no objection to that kind of precaution.) So to that I end I never was able to obtain a copy.

Last month Jason Toft (jetra2) and I did a presentation to a large 120+ mixed kids/adults audience and were lucky to have a copy of the show loaned to us. (Thanks Russ!) Unfortunately, the first 30min or so are garbled due to VHS tape speed/recording issues. What REALLY angers me is that I would love to use this recording in the future to present to other youth groups and yet I can't because a transcript isn't even available. I don't publicly speak for profit. I've never made a dime while presenting so I don't think I would be in violation of any re-broadcast laws for profit, but who knows.

No offense to the rocketeer folks that produce their own DVDs and VHS compilations, but for me the Discovery production is BAR NONE the best I have ever seen.
I do have all three taped. Email me:)