Rocket Art or Art on Rockets?


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Jan 18, 2009
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Washington DC
I ran across these pictures over the weekend cleaning out some cabinets..
Flying model rockets we tend to paint our models with flames, pin striping, and other stuff. Competition models are usually even more visually boring, bare Balsa or maybe a splash of black or red magic marker.
I guess some of the girl flyer out there will appreciate these pics of my 13 year old daughter mixing of her Disney movie favorites and her competition Rocket Glider entry. I have no idea how long it took her to decorate this EC-13 RG but the Wing/body art added very little extra weight, while making a way more pleasing to the eye model than Dad's pictured in the upper left.
I got a kick out of seeing this one again.. thought I'd share the beauty:D These figures are all magic marker by the way, how she kept the lines so nice I can't say.
Hope you enjoy the one. Ah.. almost forgot..She finish 2nd in A division with this model at an open meet 1/4A R/G event. Dad as usual got flight points:)


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Jan 21, 2009
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hey looks like your girl had some fun. my kids are mostly in the crayons/stickers/poster paints stage. I have intended to make some decals (daughter is stuck on "Nemo") but I need to get a round-toit.

every time we go to the fish store I see the aquarium backing paper and think, just a little bit of that would wrap a body tube nicely! same idea as the vinyl from the sign store ...