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Dec 14, 2004
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Ive always wanted to build a REALLY TALL rocket, and what better than to get inspiration from the tall SOB himself God-Zilla.
(i dont mind people building rockets based on my ideas, and any constructive criticism is welcome)

Body Tube: 4.0 inches in diameter
: 60.0 inches in height

Nose Cone: 4.0 inches in diameter
: 12.0 inches in height
: Very sharp pointed tip

Fins: 2 sets of 4, 8 inch fins acute triangle shaped

2 Stages: 1st stage (29mm - F20-W4)Econojet
: 2nd stage (29mm - F10-8)Apogee

Recovery: Dual 18 "parachutes that Deploy after each stage

Id Finish this baby off with a killer Fade Flame paint job. after a white base coat

Can anyone tackle this project? might be too much for me to tackle any time soon
What meaterials is this being made of? There is no way that an F20 would lift your typical 4" diameter, 6' tall rocket. If is was made of estes tubing it would but not if it is phenolic or anything.
I like the idea for the project, but that motor combination isn't sufficient. As havoc pointed out, the F20 will have trouble lifting the beast on its own, and the F10 will only be wasted AP--not near enough thrust to move a 4" bird.

If you update the motor combo to at least higher impulse G's and/or down the diameter, you'll be much better off. Where you stand now, the rocket is most likely going to creep off the pad, weathercock, and if you get the F10 lit before it impacts, it will impact with the motor still burning---the F10 won't move it at all.

If you plan on using the F20/F10 combination, then I reccomend going down to minimum diameter, because a light minimum diameter bird is about the only thing an F10 can move sufficiently. They're sweet motors, but only work in lightweight/minimum diameter setups. So, unless you really want to downsize the diameter (about 1/3 of what you currently want), you really need to up the motor impulse. If you want to stay within the realm of mid power, then I would still consider downing the diameter some, as even G's would have trouble putting a 4" bird as tall as that in the air, much less into an acceptable flight path.

Do some revisions on size and power. If you want those motors, make it minimum diameter. If you want that size, you'll be needing to consider high power motors. But if you want that size, yet would like to stay in the mid-power range, then you'll need to compromise with at least a slightly smaller diameter, and at least a G in the booster and a full F in the sustainer.

If you revise your plans, I'd be willing to consider building a prototype for you--I live in NC, too, (outside of Charlotte) so that definately helps.

It's a sweet idea, just needs some tweaking.
material wise for the tubing would be a really thick cardboard type material very strong. if i could get it in a 2 inch diameter with the same strength and no worries about flexing with the height then thad be my first choice. and id also go from a 2 stage to a single stage Good G motor or something. doesnt weigh all that much, staging it would add more weight than id like
and i cant deal with the technical aspects of it.

was also considering a cluster pattern using Es as was recommended by the cluster meister himself marvSRG. but clustering just aint my thing, especially with a bunch of E's in my tall dream rocket.

and i know a kit has been mentioned about a tall rocket, but i dont like premade /precut /prefabed kits. i want my own designs or it kinda loses its meaning of being my creation

ill more than likely just take some adivce givin to me and start with some kinda mid power kit to get used to it and go from there. ive got many years to build my dream rockets. well, unless i die early from whatever is unseen to me
Probably the best would be a pair of G's - something like a G80 or a G64 in the booster to get it off the pad, transitioning to something like an Ellis long burn G in the sustainer. It would definitely need at least a mid G for the booster, and basically any mid power but F10 or E6 in the sustainer.
sounds like a cool design
I like cjl's idea, G64 in booster, long burn G in sustainer
yeah, the idea for using a quick hard boost first with a slow burner stage to follow is good. i dont think im qualified to pull it off myself though. some of u guys im sure could though