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Sep 23, 2004
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Hi gang,

I was looking at the drawing I did for the MS Paint thread I did a while back.

I was think of trying to actually draw up plans for this at some point and buy the parts necessary to build it.

I have the demo version of Rocksim 5 from Apogees site and had a couple of questions after playing around with it

1. Is it possible to make outboard pods in V5.02?

2. If you don't want to buy V7 for $95, can you still buy V5 for less?

3. If no to the above, would someone be willing to rough this out in V7 to check for stability? I was thinking 18mm motor, bt-20 upper section, to give you a size approximation.

Just had a thought: Could I do it in verison 5 by doing a mass override of the bottom fins to accomodate the extra weight o fthe cones and tubes for the pods?

There are programs out there that are worth the initial value... Rocksim is one of them. Good news is once you buy a package, all minor upgrades are free, and major upgrades are at a reduced cost.