Rock Lake 2020

Discussion in 'Canadian Rocketry' started by Dipstick, Jan 10, 2020.

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    Hi all, hope your winter is treating you ok and your build plans are on track!

    This is another year where scheduling Rock Lake is an either/or option, and we're looking for your preferences before we commit to a date.

    Option 1: June 26-28
    Option 2: July 3-5.

    July 1st is on the Wed. this year, so neither weekend claims a rightful "long weekend." We have favored the June dates over the last years and I know that some families would be able to attend with school out of the way if we did July. The drawback is more time for the grass to dry out, and some people are off on summer holidays already.

    If you are a regular or occasional Rock Lake attendee, please let us know via this poll:

    Please note, I should be the only one who will see your signup. If it matters to you, simply reply to me via a PM instead.

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