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May 1, 2011
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I was referred to them from a friend. I needed a couple of O2 sensors and a timing belt for the Sequoia. I gotta tell ya, there is no reason for me to ever go anywhere else for auto parts unless I just have to have it right now!!! The prices where 1/2 to 1/4 of the brick and mortar stores (I priced them all) with a much wider selection!!! It's a great find for ya'll that DIY your car repairs!---H
Yep, I've ordered from them before. It can be a little confusing, because they handle many different suppliers, but definitely great prices. Got brake pads for the Mountaineer and more recently a radiator.
I saved a lot $ when I had to change my timing chain guides in my Sport Trac a few years ago. I would buy from then again.
Hands down best prices around. I've done many a cheap brake jobs courtesy of them.
There was a place like that here called Norfleet. I got a new steering rack for less than half what I was quoted by the auto parts stores. As I was waiting the parts runners from the stores I had just called were there picking up parts to mark-up and sell at their stores... I never went anywhere else for parts after that.
I've been buying stuff from RockAuto for years. Not only are the prices good, but they have parts that a lot of stores just don't carry - or even list. They did not, however, have the power steering pump pulley for my Jeep, had to go to Chrysler for that. But still, they're usually my first stop. You do have to watch core charges and shipping though. There are some types of parts that don't wind up being much of a savings once you factor those in...
They are my go-to for parts unless I need something right now. Been using them for years.
I like Rock Auto. Can't speak to the longevity of their Camry mirrors, cuz when I replaced one of my mom's a few years ago, she promptly knocked it off on a dumpster the next week.

Considering getting new headlights for my 99 suburban from there.
Yup,got upper and lower evo supreme ball joints for my van for half I what Napa wnted for OEM nylon lined, an 1/3 of what my mechanic wanted to charge.
They are good on prices... their return policy SUCKS. :) After 30 days, you are the proud owner permanently.
I've got 800 dollars in slotted rotors, racing pads, and sensors for a car that was totaled by a red light runner. I suppose at least the parts were on the car when it was totaled.