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Dec 26, 2003
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This is a copy of the lauch report from Roy Potter our secretary. We had a great time out at the Williams farm last Saturday the 17th.
We had a great turnout. We had 39 fliers sign in, that includes a few who came in late and missed signing in. But I caught their names when I went through the launch slips.
The day started out warmer and sunnier than expected. At about 1pm it started to cloud completely over and cool down. But if you kept moving and occupied with prepping and recovering rockets, it was easy to keep warm. The kids seemed to have no problem what so ever.
I have to say that we had a number of Jr fliers and female fliers also. Glad to see the youngsters out and having fun with the rest of us. We did have a giveaway of a Estes Starter kit for the kids. We will try to have a kids giveaway each launch. I, myself, have a lot of "level 1" kits that are good for young fliers.
Flyers included:
Ralph Roberts only had time for one launch, he was kept busy running the launch and assisting flyers with questions and requests for aid. His "Mr Pringles" flew on a F20-4 that went in a drag race with Terry Baucoms "Initiator" on a F24-4. Terry's Initiator was first up and highest, and also first down doing a "Lawn Dart" recovery. Both did a great flight though.
Roy Potter also only had time for one flight, because it took most the day to get a old reload E18-4W to light. And, I like to man the launch system. (its all those buttons you get to push) The "Sam" finely went up on the 4th try, but either the ejection charge was weak or the body tube was just too old to allow the rear ejection to slide smoothly out the back. Any way it popped chute 15 ft from the ground but momentum tore the chute away and "Lawn Darted" , not to be rebuilt. It was a well flown rocket, no regrets.
Joe and Susanne Grossjean got the "Protow" up on a G64-7 and "Joes Express" up on a G35-7 for good flights. Many went with longer delays to keep drift to a minimum.
Rod Reagan came up from his Orangeburg location with a number of newly built rockets for their first flights. In fact there were a number of first flights this launch. All those Christmas presents I suppose. A Interesting man. I hope he can come up often. Anyway, he got a "Big Daddy" up on a D12-3, the Estes "AAMRAM" on a B4-2, the "Cosmic Cobra" on a B4-2 and the Estes "Black Brant" on a D12-5.
Doc Russell, also a very interesting individual, came with a mix of old rockets (30 yr old) and new first flight models. I have to wonder what all fills up his closets. On the old side, Doc flew a "Sprint" which hasn't flown for a reported 30 years, on a B6-6 which went up straight and true. (I think he's trying to say that it's not how old you are, but how you take care of yourself.) Then a newly unpainted scratch built "Delta Heavy Lifter" on a E9-6, which did "De Loop De Loop," just a bit unstable. (or, the older you are the more stable you are). His "EXO-1" went up on a G64-4, the "Matra" on a D12-5, "Grasshopper" on a C6-5 and the "Aerreaux" (pronounced arrow) on a F20-7.
Terry Baucom, as I said flew his "Initiator" against Ralph on a F24-4, but the ejection did not function and "Darted." It looked Ok as he carried it back, but he stated that it did have compression damage down to the fins. His "Wart Hog" went up on a F40-7, the "ONYX" on a E30-7 1st flight, and the Bat Rocket "Minnie Mag" on a H153-6 for a successful NAR level-1 certification flight. It came down in two parts with chutes but landed in Simpsons Farm and was only able to recover the bottom portion. The nose being in a pine tree.
Steve Bumgarner, as usual brings a little of everything. His "Hornet" went up on a G64-7, The "Defcon-2"on a G40-7, the "Bigger Daddy" on a F20-7, a "3-D" cluster rocket with 3 D12-7's. The "Rocket-On" went up on a E18-7 and the "Pleides" on a F20-7.
Bob Bernatchez, also has a interesting collection of mostly "flying scale models". His Neubauer make "Mercury Atlas" went up on a B6-4, the Estes "Mercury Atlas" on a F24-4, and the Estes "Mercury Redstone" on a C6-3 which received a damaged fin. He also flew a new Estes "Renegade" 2 stage pirate ship on B6-0 to a B6-6 and flew really well. We will have to see how it does on a "C" 2 stage. It took Bob about 3 or 4 tries to get the "Maniac"s E9-4 to light, and then decided to not eject the chute. thats 3 "Lawn Darts" so far today.
Carla, Bill and William Linker made a family day out of it and got the "Tubular -Modification" ( a tubular fined rocket with additional flat fins applied) up on a A6-4 for 1st flight. the "C.A.P. Rocket" on a A6-4, a impressive "Reaper" on a F50-6 for 1st flight and the most impressive flight of the day. The "Micro- MaX" 2 stage scratch built rocket. Picture a 2 stage rocket no thicker than a skinny Estes launch lug, with a 1 inch long fined booster stage and 4 inch long fined second stage, and it worked. Not completely perfect, but it worked. very neatly done I think.
Garrett, David and Conner Deason made a family day also with the flights of the "Big Daddy" on a D12-5, "Icarus" on a C6-5, the "Storm Caster" on a D12-5 and a "Bull Pup" on a C6-5. The "Initiator" went up on a G40-7 1st flight, a Estes "Express" 2 stage on a D12-0 to a D12-5 (both stages recovered) and the "Quasar" on a G64 1st flight.
Larry Barker brought a "Star Burst" cluster on 2 E30-7's for a 1st flight, very nicely done. Larry also had a "Initiator" which went up on a F20-7 and a "ONYX" first on a E16-4 1st flight than on a F39-6 for two good flights.
Jordan Sneed flew a buy-and-fly "Tidal Wave" on a A8-3 and a B6-4, a 2 stage "Eco Star" on a C6-0 to a B6-4, the "Guardian" on a C6-3 and two "Monarc"'s "Red" and "Black" in a drag race on C6-2's. It looked like a tie to me.
Alan Burdick had a "CC Express" on a D12-7, a "Express" (same rocket 1st flight ?) on a C11-7 and the "Scratch" on a C6-7.
Greg Bullock brought two ladies, a "Big Bertha" that flew on a D12-5 and a "Great Big Bertha" on a E9-6. Amazingly they didn't wind cock that much, they usually do that.
Jacob Fillpot had a little "Baby Bertha" go upon a C6-5 and the "Goliath" on a C6-5.
Todd and Maddy Haring also had a "Baby Bertha" and it went up on a A8-3 and Maddy's "Fat Girl" went up on a C6-5.
Tim and Samantha Franks, all the way from Asheville, brought out his elaborate lighted and beeping low and high power launch system. (I love it, any chance we could hide it in the barn till he leaves next month ?) Tim flew his "LOC IV" on a G35, a "Super Shot" on a B6-4, "AMRAAM" on a G35, "Bull Puppy" on a G35, "Mirage" o a G35 and Sams "Gemini" rear ejection on a B6-4.
Susanne, Lauren and Greg Burris brought out a "Flash Leopard" on a D12-5, the "Red Zone" went up on a B6-4, and the "Red Bird" on a C6-7 and the "Mach 12" on C6-5.
Sara and Nicole Plemmons flew a "Blue Ninja" on a D12 and the Quest "Tomahawk" (very nice kit) on a B6-4.
Justin (unk), has a flight card for a "Mini Him" for 1 or 2 flights on a D12-5.
Elizabeth and Vic Duniec, who arrived in the last 45 min of flight time, (gotta admire that "Will" to fly a rocket), Flew a nice red white and blue stars and stripes patriotic rocket, the "All American" first on a D12-5, then on a E9-4. Both great flights and then little Elizabeths tiny "Barbie" rocket on a B6-4.
Thomas Crain flew a "Mark 703" on a B6-4 and a Estes helicopter recovery rocket, the "Sky Winder" on a C6-3. I saw a upscale once in Oklahoma, it was about 3ft tall. Awesome.
Marshall Trull had a Estes "Python" go up on a D12-7 and "Rocket #2" went up first on a D12-5 then a E9-8 and a "Bull Pup" on a C6-7. His Estes "Cluster Bomb" was cool, it looks like a air dropped cluster bomb. it flies up and with the ejection, drops a number of bomblets which true to design landed along the runway. Hey! the runway has been cluster bombed!
Suzi, Jon and Austin Carter flew Suzi's "1166" on mini A10's while Austin flew a white "Big Bertha" on a C6-3, a "Mini Phoenix" on A10's, a "X-Ray" on A10's and a "SuperSonic II" on a B6-4. Jon , I think, flew a "Red Rover" on a B6-4, 1st flight, and the "Anti Tanker III" on a B6-4, 1st flight also.
Tom Croxton had a "Baby Bertha" which flew on a C6-5. The little babys fly very well.
Cannon, I did not get his whole name, flew the impressive "Scrambler" egg lofter, "Team America Challenge" rocket on a powerful 2 stage launch. Booster was a G80-0 ! Go man.! Then went to a D12-7 that flew as if it was a "F". Electronics recorded the altitude and the eggs were recovered I believe. It came down in 4 separate parts and chutes. a VERY impressive flight.
We had Flyers= 39, Flights= 123 !!! WOW and 132 engines burned, that includes clusters and stage rockets
Mico Max= 2 Mini= 6 A= 6 B= 25 C= 28 D= 24 E= 14 F= 11 G= 15 H= 1
Ok, Gotta go, keep those exhaust nozzles clear. Roy
Roy, nice report. What does ROCC stand for? where are you guys?
Rocketery of Central Carolina, we are located in Charlotte NC (Home of the NFC Conference Champion Panthers) WooHoo!!
Wish I coulda been there....I'll be there in February. And Frodo...did you get my note in the TRF launch post? I'm in Weddington...can't be more than a few miles away from ya!
Wow...lotta action going on at that launch. I noticed there was a rocket named "Fat Girl" in there. I'm trying oh-so-desperately to get my girlfriend to build and fly her Fat Boy kit. The only thing we've decided on is the name - "Fat Girl". It's funny to see the ladies/females/girls name their rockets based on a different gender. :)

Just curious, but how was that flight report generated? ie - did someone have the flights logged or did they do like me a regurgitate everything from memory?
Hi Eugene, we have a sign in sheet for everybody when they arrive on the site and we have flight slips that everybody fills out for every flight. Some times if there is a good kit or door prize they draw a name out of the flight slips. This time there was a starter kit and they had all the kids sign up for a drawing. There was about 15 kids out there. My son actually won the big daddy in a drawing.