ROC Launch May 08

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Jan 26, 2009
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thank u, next
So, who all from TRF is going to the ROC launch this weekend? I feel left out of all the TRF gatherings on the left coast here... but I know there are a couple ROCers out there... anybody?

I plan to fly Inspector Gadget on a J275W, and the rebuild of Infinity (crash photos and report here ) on some sort of Redline motor, hopefully J420-J315ish. I'll also be picking up my Skunk Works 10" Thumper for the Plaster Blaster drag race this year...

Who else is bringing what? I can't wait!
David, I think we're going. I haven't packed up the truck yet. it's a looooong drive for us so we always leave Friday afternoon and arrive around midnight.

This time let's definitely hook up. look for us with the brown Ford Ranger & the red & yellow Skeeter, and the upscale Tristar and a bunch of modrocs.

maybe we ought to fly TRF burgees, like yacht clubs do. I haven't gotten around-tuit for ordering some TRF T-Shirts.