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Aug 1, 2009
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I just concluded and recieved my first transaction with Gordy AKA: Sandman ,Roachworks or Excelsior if you please ,and can`t say enough about his work.
His waterslide decals are as good as they get ,and trust me ,after making plastic model aircraft for years ,I`ve done and used them all.
Gordy also custom made me a Mercury Redstone capsule w/ escape tower and nozzles for a 4" project I plan on doing.This thing is huge and in itself ,a piece of artwork ! He also included a bunch of scale drawings for the tower the fins and more.I also bought his LTV Scout ,and again ,more of the same (including a bunch more drawing ,instructions a DVD and more of his fine decals)
I have a 3" diam. Sidewinder project comming up ,and when the time comes for a detailed nosecone ,guess who i`m going to ?

Thanks Gordy !


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