ROACHWERKS SANDMAN Little Joe II kit help needed

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Oct 1, 2012
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Hi all,

I could use some help. I have a signed Little Joe II kit that I am auctioning off on EBAY soon to generate funds for our local NAR Section #482 (C.R.A.S.H.) here in Denver, Colorado. Gordon helped me replace and update the original instructions and nose cone wrap as they had some weird watermarks. The rest of parts are unblemished and thankfully in new condition. That stated I recently went to post the item and noticed the 2 body wrap marking cardstock sheets also have very slight watermarks. I did not see them before as they were wrapped inside the main body tube. Now I know they are not used in the final kit, but I'd like them to be unblemished. Additionally, the single upper body wrap that is to be on the final outer body also has a very slight water mark, but I think I can scan, clean and replace it as new on same cardstock. If possible though, I'd rather just purchase a new one from Gordon. I requested help from Gordon, but have not heard back from him on this most recent request. If any of you have some originals I'd be happy to pay for them or if you could scan a high quality version I'd most appreciate it. I thank you and the club thanks you.:wink:

CF A.K.A Kidagain