Roachwerks Nike Hercules kits now available

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Jan 17, 2009
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A limited number of Roachwerks Nike Hercules kits are now available in all three sizes.

4 x 13mm 20" tall

4 x 18mm 27" tall

and 4 x 24mm 37" tall

Kits include truned balsa nose cone with nose weight, sustainer tail cone, custom transition, all tubes, laser cut centering rings, laser cut basswood sustainer fins, laser cut balsa booster fins, patterns, nylon parachute, shock cord, DVD instruction disc, waterslide decals everything needed except paint and glue.

Instructions include plans for a scale launch display stand.

Contact me via email until my web site is up and running

gagnello(at) yahoo(dot)com

herc prototypes.JPG

finished big nikeherc.jpg

Herc kit parts.JPG

IMG_0244a reduced.jpg
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OK guys, Father's day is coming, so show the wife what it is that you would like to have.

You Mothers (....hmmmm.....) have already had your day so HANDS OFF OUR ROCKETS
Well, I just got my order in. I'll be getting one of the big ones :D

(Of course, I do have a pile of about 20 LPR kits that I haven't built yet, but still...)
Man, that was fast!

Short hold on the big one for just a day or two. I'm out of parachutes.

CJL got the last one.

I have the 4 x 18 and 4 x 13's

Just short the chutes on the 4 x 24's.
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I got the last one?

Wow - that was fast. You do make quality stuff though :)
I got the last one?

Wow - that was fast. You do make quality stuff though :)

Thanks's not the last one. It's the last one I have parachutes for.

My wife will be home tomorrow to finish making chutes.

The kits are all complete except for the chutes and sealing the boxes shut.
Ahh. That explains it. I thought it sounded too quick, even for something like this.
Can we order one w/o parachute (I got plenty of my own)

Sure! if you want to.

email me.


I should have the rest of the chutes finished by Monday morning.
Mine came in last week. All I can say is WOW!!
The balsa turnings are awesome. I have my next winter project now.
Very nice and it's not built yet.
The 4 x 24mm kits are sold out...again!

I will make more.

I do have 4 x 18mm and 4 x 13mm kits left.
Any chance of seeing the 24mm kits back available any time soon - as you know I've been out of sequence with every release that you've made. Had my request back in the early spring, but have somehow missed out on these latest batches...

Help a Nike addict out!

Ahh the Summer cold. By far the bestest illness in the world. Nothing you can do to get comfortable when running a fever in 90 degree heat. Hang in there and get yourself well!

How much are you asking for these kits? How soon 'till you have some 24mm's kitted up again?
Hey Gordy - Any progress on the 24mm Herc kits?

I should have some ready by the end of the week.

I was going to take them to NARAM would save room in my truck.

Email me at

gagnello (at) yahoo (dot) COM
Well, you did :confused:

Just tried again, hopefully this one arrives to your in box...