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Jan 17, 2009
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Sandman has done it again. I asked him to make an Estes-style Fat Boy nose cone to fit a LOC BT and here you go...
And finally a look doesn't get any better than this folks!
Wow...I have never actually seen Sandman's work, but that looks incredible.
Drilling out the cone is by far the hardest part!

Yes...I HAVE drilled through the side of a nose cone!
Nice work Gordon. You are absolutely one great woodworking craftsman.

What gets me is the patience involved in turning each cone. I dread having to go out and cut my own rings. I end up cutting enough rings for 4 or 5 projects. But to set up a piece of wood and make a cone one at a time? Sheesh! More power to you Sir!
That is just BEE Utiful!!

Sandman made me a BT-101 sized Bertha cone from Balsa, and it shows the same exacting workmanship.

Gordon created a 1/5th scale Aeronautica Argentina : Orion 2 nosecone for me, its a piece of art, and has made my C powered model a real crowd pleaser locally.

I can not recommend his work highly enough. 8)
I absolutely agree.
Sandmans work is second to none.
I have a 4" big bertha cone and a set (cone and 2 transitions) for a Nike Hercules project.
If you want Extreme quality go no further than our very own Sandman.