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It's just a different (slightly) way to build the delay components into the forward closure. And you can buy different time delays so if you bought the wrong one for your rocket/motor combo you can change it. Anyway thats what I've done with some of them asides from having different delays to play with EX motors using Aerotech cases.
The big difference is that is loads all the O-rings axially instead of (some of them) longitudinally. This provides better seals and lowers the chance of delay blowby, which is a VERY good thing.

Also, the delay element is cast in a plastic like insulator rather than a paper one to keep the delay element from igniting on the outside and burning inward.

Right on the package, it says "Advanced Delay Sealing System".
Right on the package, it says "Advanced Delay Sealing System".
That also includes the rubber delay washer and the o-ring that fits tightly around the delay element. Old style had an o-ring that just dropped down into the delay cavity and sort-of sat there. The new design makes for a definite place for all the parts to go and a couple fewer possibilities of little problems with assembly.

HTH, --Lance.